Tell me about your role at the business - what do you think about when you get to work in the morning?

When thinking back to the time you engaged with Rezdy what was your biggest challenge?

Can you summarize three points of frustration you faced before you started to use Rezdy’s online booking system.

What were the implications for your business if you hadn’t managed to fix this problem? How serious was it?

Did you try to fix the problem in other ways before you settled on using Rezdy? If so, what were they?

You settled on Rezdy in particular as a solution to your problems, why was that?

Once you bought our product, what were your next steps? How did you get the product implemented?

What are the top three features you love about Rezdy? Why do you love them?

Did you experience any direct business benefits you can share with us?

What would you say to other businesses in your sector thinking of trying Rezdy?

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Rezdy?

Have you found working with the team at Rezdy to be a positive experience? Why is that?