• Totally free

    Create, collect and publish unlimited video. We really mean it, no limits – go nuts!

  • Vimily logo & link

    Each video contains a clickable Vimily logo that links to our website.

  • Vimily advertising

    The video page cannot be customized and each video has Vimily advertising next to it.

  • No page impressions

    Your video can be viewed on Vimily - all traffic goes to Vimily, not your website.

  • No SEO & social meta tags

    SEO and social meta tags customisation is not included in the free account.

  • Collect basic data

    You have limited access to data captured from people filmed.

  • Basic email functionality

    Each filmed person is emailed a link to their video, to share and supercharge your brand exposure. Vimily branding is included in every email. The export to other email systems is not included.

  • Basic analytics

    The free account offers basic analytics such as total video views, shares and email click through rates.


  • Buy video credits

    Benefit from the premium features listed below. View pricing

  • Your logo & link

    When your video is shared, your clickable brand goes with it.

  • Your advertisting space

    Customise unlimited video pages, and place custom ads next to every single video.

  • Get page impressions

    Embed all video into your website, each visit counts towards your page impressions.

  • SEO & social meta tags

    Enter meta tags to increase your SEO and visibility on social media.

  • Pro

    Collect full data

    Collect data from every person filmed. Export to your CRM’s and Sales channels.

  • Pro

    Customised email & CSV

    Each filmed person receives a link to their video by email. Use our customizable email system to rapidly distribute content, and insert your call to action to take advantage of 85% average email open rates.

  • Pro

    Detailed reporting & KPI's

    See exactly where your videos are watched, shared and liked. Find Key People of Influence by tracking most viewed to reach out to for accelerated exposure.

How to get started?

  • Create your account

    Sign up to Vimily below. Vimily is completely free to use, so try it out and see how easy it is to generate exposure, leads and gather customer data.

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  • Use it free or buy credits

    To brand video and maximize your sales channels, buy credits in your account – extremely cost effective and only pay for what you use.

  • Set up your first campaign

    You are ready to go! Film testimonials, events, product reviews, campaigns, market research & build data driven, high return sales channels at the same time.

No matter if you are free or premium, everyone gets: